Sunday, March 25, 2007

Modern Day Book Burning & Gestapo Tactics

Larken Rose is the young fellow who researched and made the video "Theft by Deception", which is available on the internet (I've referred everyone to it before). According to him, some time ago he, his wife, and their young daughter were subjected to an IRS "raid" on their home---armed men burst in yelling and pointing weapons, proceeded to rummage through all their belongings, and seized about 200-300 copies of his video. The same thing happened to his producer (and family). It should be added that Rose has not paid the Individual Income Tax for about ten years, and has dared the IRS to "show me [him] the law" and charge him with any "crime".

He was not charged with any crime, either before or after the raid. He was not even arrested. When he asked for the return of his video discs, he was told by the IRS that they will never be returned. [This, in the United States of America! Every sovereign individual should be outraged.]

This whole event is described toward the end of the piece below. [If you have dial-up, don't bother unless you can do chores while each section is loading!]

Also presented in the video directly above was this bit---
In 2002, the Govt took in $767 billion dollars in taxes other than individual income taxes (in other words, the revenues were from corp taxes, excise taxes, SS taxes, Medicare taxes, duties, etc.). That same year, total Federal spending (not counting supplemental, or "off-budget", appropriations---such as the Iraq War) was $746 billion. [During the Reagan era, the Grace Commission issued a study showing that 100% of Individual Income Tax receipts went to paying the interest on the national debt. None of it went for "government services".]