Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Corporate Globalism: The Big Scam

Globalism is part of a 40-year-old plan to establish a corporate-type world government and redistribute wealth on a global basis. The electorate has been snookered by the elites in the two-party monopoly, both Democrats and Republicans.

David Rockefeller must be pleased as punch. He has stated publicly, ever since the early '90s, that once we have a one-world corporate-type government in place, the world will be so much better off. He's proposing a weird sort of corporate-socialism (my term, not his) in which jobs, wealth, and other resources will be redistributed in order to eliminate poverty world-wide...yeah, right. America, of course, will be the head honcho of this whole ridiculous scheme...and the Corporate Elites will run the whole show from on high. That's why America must be certain to have access to world-wide natural resources.

The first task in the plan was to make multi-national businesses rich and all-powerful---that's pretty much done. Next was to form commerce-based global "Unions"---that's about half done. Next is to totally eliminate national sovereignty. Next is to merge the various economic "Unions". [At the moment, I forget what's after that.]

Very few have paid attention because someone somewhere sometime started saying that the whole thing was an "Illuminati" secret conspiracy... so people who actually read the obscure think-tank journals where all this was OPENLY described, and tried to warn others, were relegated to the tin-foil hat brigade. It's NOT a's NOT secret (just not publicized)...and it has nothing to do with some Illuminati group. But it does exist...the plans have been pursued ever since the early '60s. The whole scheme has been discussed (by the elites) in journals such as Foreign Affairs for decades. David Rockefeller admitted to all this years ago, and stated that the one-world government to be run as a corporation (by non-elected elites) is "surely preferable to what we have now". (!) That's a direct quote.

We've been sold a bill of goods...and a big part of that is the MYTH that Republican and Democrat elites are somehow very different from each other. They aren't. They support the plan.

To those who still don't believe any of this, I would suggest that you research the writings of David Rockefeller and the Rockefeller Foundation. Globalism IS the Corporatocracy, and the elite movers-and-shakers in both parts of the two-party monopoly are a significant part of the whole thing. The "have-mores" will prevail as long as the electorate allows the elites to divide and conquer...pitting one group against another.