Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Taxes: "I Want My Money Back"  NOTE:  the old link was broken, & I couldn't fix it.  The link above is not the original article, but it will suffice.

[Having lived in California for almost 20 years, I couldn't agree more...and couldn't have said it better myself. The chaos at the national level speaks for itself...institutionalized deficit spending, employees of our Fed Govt illegally kidnapping and assassinating people, the Fed Govt violating the Fourth Amendment over & over, the continual expansion of Fed Govt power in the private sector, the bailing out of failed companies, the pursuance of an overseas American Empire, the Fed manipulation of interest rates in order to create economic bubbles, and on & on.]

If the American people had any guts at all, no one would have submitted an Income Tax form today (or any day this year). Instead, we continue to believe that "voting" will save us.

The Republic of the United States of America no longer exists; it only appears to exist. BOYCOTT the Fed Govt at every opportunity. It's the only effective way to send a message. All other methods have failed, and failed miserably.