Sunday, January 27, 2019

Howard Schultz SHOULD Run for President in 2020

I just now finished watching the interview of Schultz by Scott Pelley on 60 Minutes.  I hope he runs for Pres in the next go-round.  Normally, I wouldn't be for a billionaire doing that, but this guy impressed me.  After doing some reading about his life, and given the current & past political circumstances in this great Land, I believe the time is right for Howard Schultz.  Here's why.

1.  For quite some time now, the Republican and Democratic Parties have been (on balance) failures at running our government in terms of what's best for the overwhelming majority of Americans.  With one exception, I won't even bother to detail the dismal failures of both major Parties over the past many years.  Those failures are blatantly obvious, and have created the conditions resulting in the election of an almost completely incompetent, petulant, autocratic juvenile.  The one exception is this:  both Parties have failed to rein in the Plutocrats or Oligarchs and their system of Corporatocracy which extracts wealth from the economy and rarely ever pumps any of that wealth back into the economy.  I'm talking about the Crony Capitalists who rip off average folks and then invest the profits in anything (e.g., bizarre derivatives, foreign bonds, foreign currencies, overseas factories, etc.) except job-producing ventures in the USA.  In other words, Mega Business...and their DC puppets.  Especially when it comes to Mega Banks, the record of both major Parties is shabby beyond belief.

2.  Schultz is thinking of running as a Centrist Independent.  Despite what the major Parties and the Corporate Media would have us believe, 41% of this country's electorate are Independents.  Neither Repubs (25%) or Dems (31%) can top that.  Each of them tries to sell us the idea that they represent the "majority" of Americans.  The Corporate Media are even worse.  They all imply that only "Conservatives" and "Liberals" matter in today's politics.  Not true.

3.  Though Schultz is Super-Rich, he definitely appears to have a social conscience, seems to be open-minded, and in general, appears to be pretty much the opposite of the current President.  From what I've been able to glean so far, Howard Schultz is a man of depth, competence, and integrity.

4.  This country needs a fresh approach, and a genuine change.  The political Establishment is out-of-step, and Trump lives in Bizarro World.  All he's interested in is himself.

5.  People say an Independent can't win.  Consider this:  today's political scene is so off-kilter that the old truisms aren't necessarily true anymore.  Plus, I think 2020 is ripe for a major change, a fresh start, something out-of-the-box.  We Americans are fed up to the gills with the squabbling between the major Parties, the extremes at both ends of the political spectrum, and politicians who have a great spiel, but no results...or the wrong results.

6.  Some say a Schultz run would siphon off votes from the Dems and guarantee another term for you-know-who...similar to the Nader efforts back when.  See number 5 above.  More importantly, the 50% of us who no longer vote in national elections because we're fed up with Democrats AND Republicans most likely would jump back into the game.  I would.  Finally, and again, 41% of this country's electorate are Independents.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well