Wednesday, April 25, 2007

McCain...Just Another Statist

Today John McCain made his bid for the Presidency official by formally announcing that he will seek the office in the next national election. Why would anyone who believes in a Constitutional Republic support him?

It would be nice if Republican voters would realize at last that Republicans (in general) are simply a different side of the same Statist coin. The Republican Party recently has given us more Big Government and Big Spending by (among other things) creating the largest Executive Branch Department in our country's history (Homeland Security), and by generating monstrous budget deficits.

Once McCain lost the bitterly fought Presidential primary (in 2000) to King George, he became just another Party sycophant. His opposition to Bush melted away and he tagged along with the King like a whipped dog. It truly was sickening.

McCain is among the majority who believe that the Executive can put the country at war without a Congressional Declaration of War, merely a Congressional "resolution". That's not what the Constitution says. Those who believe that we should be able to go to war without a Declaration of War need to lobby for a Constitutional Amendment. But the Statists in both major parties won't do that---because they know that the Amendment would never pass. So instead, they simply bypass the Constitution. This has been going on ever since the Korean War, which by the way, was officially known as the Korean "Conflict"...just a sleazy way to make it appear to be Constitutional. The same was true of the Vietnam "Conflict".

I still remember McCain responding to a question about the Declaration of War issue from Jesse Jackson, Jr.---in a town hall type campaign meeting---by saying (paraphrased) something like, "That's not true [that we need a formal Declaration of War], it has been done several times in the past without a Declaration.". Unfortunately, Congressman Jackson did not follow up with something such as, "That doesn't make it Constitutional.".

The Republi-Crats (Republicans and Democrats) have abrogated the Constitution via Legislative Absolutism. In general, they are nothing more than professional, Establishment Statists who think that Big Government is a necessity; the only thing they really are interested in is getting re-elected.

What if they gave an election...and no one showed up?

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