Sunday, July 8, 2007

How to Promote Statism in the U.S.

1. Elect Democrats AND Republicans to Federal offices.
2. Expand the Federal Government, as the Republicans and Democrats both have done.
3. Increase the national debt exponentially.
4. Have the Government borrow money totally beyond its means.
5. For the most part, ignore the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution.
6. Spread fear amongst the populace---fear of terrorists, disease, contaminated food, mechanical failures, and anything else that might harm people.
7. Downplay the idea of individualism.
8. Constantly tell people that onerous taxes are for "the greater good".
9. Convince the populace that inflation is "normal".
10. Denigrate the concept of commodity-backed money, and promote the concept of fiat money.
11. Pass laws in areas in which Congress has no Constitutional authority, then claim that's legal because "times have changed" and the Constitution is "outdated" and "quaint".
12. Have the Federal Government infringe on States' Rights...for "the greater good".
13. Claim that State laws, such as medical marijuana (that infringe on no one's rights or property), are illegal.
14. Institute warrantless wiretapping...for "the greater good".
15. Claim that habeas corpus does not apply if one is accused of being a certain type of criminal---a "terrorist", or "enemy combatant".
16. Have the Federal Government completely ignore lawfully executed Petitions for Redress of Grievances.
17. Claim that the narrowly restricted Federal Firearms Act applies to everyone.
18. Launch a "War on Drugs".
19. Launch a "War on Poverty".
20. Become a health fascist.

Finally, condition the populace to believe that the Federal Government can best solve most all problems, be they in the area of health, or safety, or economics, or education, or crime, or... really, anything.


Phil A said...

This list could so easily be adapted for the UK it's scary. All that's needed is to change a few words here and there... In fact I had sort of assumed the US wasn’t as badly off as the UK in that respect..

Scott C. Haley said...

We are within a hair's breadth of the UK's Socialist State (or, soft socialist state, if you prefer); but our Statism is cloaked in the myth that we still operate under the rules of a Constitutional Republic. Though better hidden, I believe that our Statism is harsher in many respects... especially with the NeoCons (whose origins are on the far Left) in power.

Thanks for your comment.