Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Republicans and Democrats Just Don't Get It

The movers & shakers of BOTH major political parties subscribe to the vision of David Rockefeller, a one-world corporate-type government run by unelected elites. [It's NOT a "secret conspiracy"; it just isn't publicized.] Rockefeller stated in the early '90s that a "world government run by supra-national elites surely is preferable to what we have now", and he revealed how the elites in this country have been working for over 40 years to institute such a govt.

The Iraq war is one tiny part of the effort to convince the masses that such a govt is necessary. Plus, a lot of multi-national companies are making a lot of money off the war. Ike was right about the dangers of the military-industrial complex. Once the Middle East and Central Asia are "secure", plans to merge the various commerce-based "Unions" can proceed. By then the Asian Union, the North American Union, and the South American Union will have become practical realities. That's why the elite Dems and Repubs want to keep the Iraq war going as long as possible.

To those who STILL don't believe any of this, I would suggest that you research the writings of David Rockefeller and the publications of the Rockefeller Foundation. The journal "Foreign Affairs" is a good source as well. The concept has been discussed (by the elites) in obscure think-tank journals and publications for decades.This bizarre and somewhat insane idea is promoted as being entirely altruistic: supposedly, such a govt would eliminate hunger and war world-wide. Sounds great, but (even if true) keep in mind that in the process wealth will be redistributed ON A GLOBAL BASIS. That's already underway. One method is to funnel funds from USAID and the World Bank to U.S. multi-national corporations, as long as they relocate their factories to foreign countries.

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