Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Big, Meaningless Squabble

As a Libertarian, it is often amusing to watch "Conservatives" & "Liberals" squabble. It's so meaningless---there's almost nothing left of the Republic of the United States to squabble about. It has been taken from us while well-intentioned folks argue over which side of an obsolete political spectrum is best for the country. And it has been taken from us by people who think way beyond those outdated labels---Conservative, Liberal, Republican, Democrat.

I've mostly given up hope that Americans who believe in the Republic will ever get out of the purposefully distracting Conservative-Liberal rut. Until they do so, there is no chance whatsoever for this country to once again be a free society...the way our liberal Founders intended it to be.

Machiavelli (whose works are greatly admired by Ledeen, Pearl, Feith, & other once prominent NeoConservative strategists), Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Goebbels, and other Totalitarians all had a formula for the State being able to control the masses: give the People an Enemy (Capitalism, Communism, Hunger, Terrorism, Lack of Health Care, etc.), promote fear of that Enemy, and then take away unalienable rights in the name of Protection and Safety. Both modern-day Conservatives and Liberals do exactly that, although sometimes in completely different ways. The end result is: the State is the Master; the People are the servants.

Wake up, Amerika.


Anonymous said...

The problem with America is that it's full of Americans. We have become, through our own fault, very apathetic towards how things are run and are going in this country. We care more about American Idol, NFL football and stuffing our faces with fast food than we do our economy, our government and, most importantly, our liberties. As you've seen with the Patriot Act, we are willing to sell off our liberties for a little (fake) security. Somehow, we have to get Americans to care. Another problem is the media. They very rarely give third parties any publicity unless it is to poke fun at them. We have to get them to take us seriously.

Scott Haley said...

Thanks for your comments---
I couldn't possibly agree more. I would add that Republi-crat (or Demo-publican, if you prefer) control of "ballot access" laws makes things very, very difficult for any alternative political party.

lise said...

i suppose we feel more protected having the goverment think for us so the real freedom is taken away without any fight,and when some people see it nobody listen until it touch their life.thank you