Monday, October 12, 2009

"A Fool's Game for the Masses"

It's really gratifying to see that I'm not the only one who writes about the two major political parties in this country being a fraud:

I couldn't have said it better.

So, some ask, what's to be done? There are those who advocate the violent overthrow of the central government. We have that Right under the conditions expressed in the Declaration of Independence, and those conditions seem to exist presently (and for quite a number of years). I am NOT suggesting that course of action, for the simple reason that most likely it would not succeed. Peaceful revolution is a much better option.

Elsewhere on this Blog I've encouraged boycott of the Federal Government. Unfortunately, that course is problematic not because it wouldn't succeed, but rather because most likely it will never get started.

Here's another option; this one could materialize AND succeed. Pressure Congress to live up to its duty to call an Article V Convention. More than two-thirds of the State Legislatures have applied for such a Convention, but Congress has ignored its Constitutional mandate to call the Convention.

Before you buy into the completely lame excuses for Congress failing to do its duty in that regard, be sure to read this---
If the above link does not work, go to and click on "F.A.Q", on the left side of the Home page (scroll down).

An Article V Convention seems to me to be the best available first step in bringing about a much needed, peaceful Revolution in this country. The next step would be to launch a blitz ad campaign aimed at our so-called "representatives" in DC, the purpose of which would be to make it clear that certain proposed Amendments (an Article V Convention only can propose Amendments) are the will of We the People...and if they're not ratified, heads will roll (so to speak). Although there is NO same-subject requirement in Article V, well over two-thirds of the State Legislatures already have applied for a Convention in order to propose a Federal Balanced Budget Amendment. Congress has ignored their applications.

It's time to force the DC politicos to adhere to the U.S. Constitution.


Bill Walker said...

All 50 states have submitted 750 applications for an Article V Convention. This is well in excess of the two-thirds requirement. The texts of the applications can be read at

Many of the issues facing us have already been addressed years ago by the states in the form of proposed amendments and it is only because of Congress refusing to obey the Constitution that we even have them today.

Scott Haley said...

Thanks for your input, Bill. [For those who may not know, Mr. Walker is a long-time participant in this battle.]

If I recall correctly, you're the one who sued the Government regarding this subject. [Thank you, by the way.] What is the status of that lawsuit? I've only just joined FOAVC and haven't yet explored the entire website.

My guess is that it has been dismissed, postponed, or blocked in some other way...knowing how the entrenched Establishment operates.

John De Herrera said...

hi scott, thanks for posting this. i liked your approach to it. i hope you can help in getting others informed about this most important of issues.

Kolekona said...

ONE OF THE BEST IDEAS I've heard lately is to begin working on the state legislatures in every state of the union; increase their awareness that the citizens of their particular state want one like-kind proposed amendment put forward so "We The People..." can get the 34 states aligned as soon as possible (more proposed amendments can -- and will -- be added after Congress is forced to call a convention). How about a national first official voting unit for every state (not by Diebold either!). Any other proposed amendments you want to share?

Also see:

John De Herrera said...

yes kolekona--an effective national standard for voting and voter registration. my other suggestion for an amendment: not more than twenty-five years passes before the article v convention is convoked for saftey's sake.

Scott Haley said...

All great suggestions. As a proposed Amendment, I would add "One-Bill-At-A-Time", which would stop the practice of tacking on highly unpopular "Amendments" (which really are totally separate bills) to existing popular bills.

I encourage all to visit for other needed changes. That organization is in the forefront of bringing common sense back to national government.

I also like the idea of working on the individual States. Based on a couple of the "Responses from Politicians" found at FOAVC, some of the State folks do not appear to grasp their crucial role. Thanks, Kolekona, for reminding us that the States need work too.

And thanks, John, for your kind remarks and encouragement.

Kolekona said...

Kolekona here: Thanks Scott. That's my Hawaiian name -- the locals gave it to me because I knew what poi was ... I guess. I joined the a few minutes ago.

I'll start a LIST on of all the potential amendments to be proposed. I'm sure there'll be wise proposed amendments and weird proposed amendments, but when we see them all we can pick our favorites -- maybe ONE will stand head 'n' shoulders above the rest for the FIRST one, so we can get Congress off its broad backside.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to best stop or slowdown our legislators from being on the take? Can we access their tax returns, analyze the year-to-year increases, and post them in a common public location? I wonder how many have foreign back accounts?