Monday, February 3, 2014

Internet, Tech, Whiz Kid Employees are Crazy, Part II

Just recently, Hotmail (Outlook/Microsoft) blocked my email account.  They said it was because of "unusual activity", and so they were blocking it to "protect me".  [My question is: who is protecting me from them?]  They wanted me to send them a "mobile number" so they could "verify" my account by texting me some code or another.  Here's a clue, Whiz Kids:  I no longer have a mobile number...can't afford anything but the internet and a landline phone.  [Out here in the boonies, the one & only phone company requires a landline with the purchase of internet...even though the net is fiber-optic cable.]  They're so smart that they never thought of that possibility.  No other method of verification was offered...again, no common sense on their part.

I send a lot of emails, primarily to family and friends.  In the esoteric universe of Tech Whiz Kids, apparently that's "unusual activity".  I sent scathing Feedback to them, explaining the situation...four times.  No reply, and the account still is blocked.  I also asked them exactly from what are they "protecting" me.  Only a fool or someone naive beyond belief would reveal things such as one's bank account number, or SS number, or driver's license number, or PIN number, or anything similar in an email.  I don't know about your email account, but in mine there is nothing to "protect".  Everyone knows, or should know by now, emails are not secure in any sense of the word.  The NSA has an elite hacking unit (T.A.O.) that can install spyware/malware into any computer using a Windows Operating System.  Other hackers abound all over the place.  In my opinion, nothing on the internet is "secure" matter what the Whiz Kids say.  Treat the Web with that in mind and you won't have any "security" problems.  The whole security thing is a's job security for Techs, that's all.

Microsoft, based on how they treat customers (like livestock), has to be one of the most arrogant companies in existence.  Plus, based on all their constant "fixes", they must be one of the most incompetent companies in the tech world.  It amazes me that they ever rose to such a commanding height in the industry.  If I weren't such an old dog (with no energy for new tricks), I'd dump Windows in a heartbeat and go to Mac or Linux.  Admittedly, though I've been using these machines since the mid-'80s, I know almost nothing about computers.  But here's an interesting tidbit:  I've turned off my "automatic updates" for Windows.  I did allow an update about a year ago, but other than that, they've been "off" for years.  I don't trust them...and my computer seems to be working OK.

The trouble with Whiz Kids (from my perspective) is that they appear to have little common sense.  They're almost constantly making unwarranted assumptions... especially about customers.  Example:  Hotmail was changed to Outlook, the clunkiest, most customer-unfriendly email venue I've ever seen.  I suspect Microsoft has received an overwhelming amount of negative Feedback on Outlook...but I see no movement toward correcting the situation.  They seem to think that we love it, and prefer it to Hotmail.  Another Example:  email venues in general load up their sites with garbage piled on garbage...all to supposedly make emailing "easier".  It's nothing but clutter...and almost always makes things more difficult.  My guess is that the Whiz Kids (and the policy makers) love unneeded clutter because it means job security for them.  To hell with the customer.

As a result of this entire fiasco, once again I'm forced to open another email "account".  I'm keeping the Hotmail venue for the time being...trying to get data transferred to my new email.  So for those who know me, or anyone else, my new email address is: .  [Oh my god, Whiz Kids, I'm publishing my email address... I must need "protection"... help me, "protect me", obviously I don't know what I'm my nanny... please, please, please... on second thought, mind your own damned business.]  :)

Just my opinion.  p.s.  God save us from Tech Whiz Kid employees... especially those of Microsoft.

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