Thursday, July 3, 2014


is known as "the graveyard of empires".  We've been there for something like thirteen years.  The country is the world's largest opium producer, the apparently corrupt Karzai Gov't no longer wants us there, the Taliban are not a threat to the USA, we've more or less decimated their country, a lot of the infrastructure we've built there already has fallen apart, our troops have been killed & maimed, billions of our dollars simply have evaporated, and Al Qaida long ago moved on to Yemen and elsewhere.  The fact that we're still there is just plain asinine.  Never mind the fact that it's an unconstitutional use of the U.S. Military.

Our Fed Gov't has been rotting from within for decades.  Meanwhile, We the People are Distracted by Propaganda & Circuses, Divided by Fraudulent Political Parties, and Conquered by the Super-Rich.

Enjoy the upcoming Fourth of July.

Be Well

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