Friday, October 17, 2014

EBOLA: Warning to Oligarchs and Institutionalists

Edited at 4:35 PM, Mountain Time, USA, 10-17-14

I've never worked in the medical field.  I did teach Biology and Environmental Science at both the high school and college levels for many years, and I worked several years as a HazMat Specialist in both the public and private spheres.  As a private HazMat consultant, I've trained literally hundreds of employees in Emergency Response...including extensive training in PPE, Personal Protective Equipment.  I mention these bona fides only because I want you to believe what I say below.

Ebola is one of the most dangerous organisms on the face of the Earth, and Oligarchs in the Healthcare System (in this country) do not appear to be treating it with the proper respect.  For example, those dinky facemasks that healthcare workers are wearing will not suffice 100% of the time. At the very least, workers should also be wearing a full face shield... and they should be trained in what to do if that shield is sprayed with sputum, vomit, or blood.  Other huge problems include the fact that apparently some hospitals have not trained their staff sufficiently in the use of PPE.  Incredible!!!  Every hospital is required by Law to have a Bloodborne Pathogen Program; PPE training is part of that Program.  Every hospital is required by Law to have a Hazard Communication Program; PPE training is part of that Program.  There are other Programs as well that apply to hospitals, and they require PPE training.  It looks as though some Head Honchos are falling down on the job... and should be fired.

Given current events of late, I cannot believe that a sick person shows up at a hospital, says he's recently been in LIBERIA, he's examined, and sent home.  Whoever runs that hospital needs to not just apologize (which he did), he also should resign.  That same hospital in Texas is among those which appear to have inadequate PPE training.  [On second thought, I shouldn't be surprised.  I lived in Texas for only a few years, but it was long enough to observe that Texas in general is one of the most backward States in the Nation... especially when it comes to complying with Environmental/Health/Safety (EHS) Laws.  The public water in the town I lived in failed to meet Fed EPA water quality standards for two years in a row.  In their Annual Water Quality Report, the Water Department explained that they were working on the problem, but "no water anywhere is pure".]

Our Fed Gov't is trying to calm fears.  Good for them...but they aren't being totally honest.  As to the World response to this outbreak, it's pitiful.

My message to Oligarchs in the Healthcare System in America is simple:  wake up... you're asleep at the wheel when it comes to Ebola.

Not just my opinion.  Be Well

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