Sunday, January 4, 2015


Not long ago, the NYT Editorial Board came to the conclusion that Obama's ISIS War is unconstitutional. They are correct; there is no question whatsoever about that.  Violating the U.S. Constitution is an impeachable offense.  Unfortunately and most likely, impeachment will not happen.

Even though the Republicans now hold a majority in both Houses of Congress, they will not represent the People and pursue impeachment of Obama.  Why?  For a few reasons, not the least of which is that they too have been guilty of unconstitutional wars... and they want to retain for Presidents that illegal war-making power.  In other words, they won't rock the boat because they want all future Presidents to be able to go to war illegally.  That benefits their primary constituency--- the rich and powerful.

All of this demonstrates fairly clearly that, at the highest political levels, the old labels---Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal---essentially are meaningless.  The highest echelon in politics consists of Neoliberals.  The old, anachronistic labels now merely are Distract-Divide-Conquer Propaganda.  It continually amazes me that many people don't see that.

Although politically we're in a Rigged Game, I'm convinced that it's NOT a "conspiracy".  Neoliberals are all about global BIG Business.  They may have similar interests and mutual goals, and they may keep their plans private, but that doesn't mean the whole thing is any sort of conspiring.  It's no more a conspiracy than is that of AT&T attempting to maximize profits.  Besides, the whole Neoliberal agenda mostly is in plain sight.

As have many Republicans, Obama has violated the Supreme Law of the Land in other ways as well.  Most likely, he will not be impeached for those reasons either.  We the People are asleep at the political wheel; we need to wake up.  At the highest levels, the Neoliberals in the Fed Gov't are all on the same Team.  That's so obvious that it's downright painful.  Example:  both Obama AND McConnell are working fiercely to get the TPP implemented in this Land.  That Agreement primarily benefits the Oligarchy, not commoners.  The same is true of TAFTA... and most so-called Republicans and so-called Democrats support that as well.  For the low-down on the TPP, see this: .

Long story short, in the USA we have (at the highest levels) an outlaw Fed Government.  There is absolutely no question about that.  [Take it from someone who has been observing American politics keenly since 1956...well over half a century.]

Not just my opinion.  Be Well

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