Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Economic Crash Already Has Started

Carefully consider the following:
1.  Wall Street just had its worst opening week in history.
2.  China's Bubble is rapidly deflating.  China is the world's second largest economy.
3.  The U.S. (and most of Europe) currently is experiencing deflation, which will be followed (most likely) by inflation.  The real estate market, the housing rental market, and grocery prices still are inflated...but as the Collapse intensifies, they too will deflate.  Stocks and bonds are on the cusp of bursting completely.
4.  The Corporate Media, which usually have no more than half a sentence if the news about the Stock Market is negative, couldn't ignore number 1. above.  They attempted to smooth it over by stating, in essence, "Nothing to worry's only volatility in the Market.".  Several analysts don't think so.
5.  Let's not forget the Stock plunge on August 24, 2015.  Only half of the historic 1,000-point drop was recovered by day's end.
6.  Our Stock Market is rigged to favor the high-frequency traders who use computer algorithms that make trades in milliseconds.
7.  Financialization has converted our economy largely into one of nonproduction.
8.  The Corporate Media are touting the December jobs report as evidence our economy is strengthening...December, the month of temporary Christmas employment. 
9.  Wages basically still are stagnated.
10.  Crude oil prices continue to deflate.
11.  European Stocks had their worst week since August, 2011.
12.  Our Fed Gov't has been waging a Currency War against China for awhile now; China is retaliating (most likely) with Cyber attack reconnaissance.  It's the belief of some analysts that they are gearing up for a major Cyber attack on our financial system, perhaps even our utilities (such as power & water systems).  I think the probability of that is very high.  Nothing is secure regarding computers, the internet, etc.  Even the Pentagon has been hacked.
13.  The Fed Reserve finally realizes that it can't artificially control any of this.  Its recent rate hike and any future ones are nothing more than an attempt at face-saving.  They are out of ammo.  This whole thing is a worldwide event.  To believe that the Fed Reserve somehow can manage this is to be deluded.  All they are doing now is bursting the U.S. Asset Bubble.  A few people will make a ton of money.

All the above does not mean things will go bust tomorrow, or the day after, or next week.  The Crash will continue to build until, at some point, the economy will be pushed over the precipice by an event or a relatively quick series of events.  I'm afraid that the analysts who predict 2016 as the year of the Collapse are least, the probability of that is extremely high...extremely high.

Don't despair--- the Powers-That-Be will prop up the System once again.  IF the Collapse ultimately is not as large as the Great Depression, the time to get things up & running again may be relatively short--- a week, or two weeks, or a month, or two months, or???  Nobody knows for certain.  Nobody. 

Be prepared.  Stock up on household commodities now.  There still will be goods around in warehouses when the Crash reaches its peak, but 
distribution essentially will cease because credit will dry up.  At the wholesale level, businesses run on credit, not cash.  Banks will restrict access to cash anyway for both business people and order to prevent bank runs.  Some banks already have changed their Bank-Customer Agreement to reflect the BAIL-IN, which means in a Crisis they are allowed to confiscate your deposits.  Obama and the rest of the G-20 leaders signed that into existence.  Get out of Mega Banks NOW.  The FDIC Fund is a pittance compared to the amount of $$$ on'll be lucky to get a penny on $100.

Once again, the Rigged System is designed to protect banks and the Oligarchy, not consumers and the economy.  And so it goes.

p.s.  The ten-year Great Depression (of the 1930's) was not recognized and/or named as such until halfway through it.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

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