Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Childish Tech Whiz Kids

Not all of them...I'm talking only about the ones who are immature and malicious.  Every so often, some dweeb manages to inject a piece of malware into my machine...because he/she has no life of any consequence (I'm guessing).  We've all had this happen to us.  Even with a firewall and various anti-viral gizmos, once in awhile something gets through.

It takes me awhile to stumble around and neutralize the infection, but so far, I've always been successful... and I'm essentially a No-Tech person.  I suppose perhaps we should pity these maladjusted, frustrated Techies who can't figure out how to have a meaningful life, so instead they act childish.  My point here is this:  if a No-Tech guy like me can get around their foolishness, apparently they aren't as smart & clever as they they think they are.  :)

My message to such people is:  why be so small-minded & petty; why not try injecting something really worthwhile into your lives?  Life can be a beautiful, exciting, meaningful matter what place in which you find yourself.  It doesn't have to be empty and ugly.  It all depends on your mindset.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

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