Thursday, March 3, 2016

Who are the Third Party Candidates and Why Zero Coverage of Them?

It seems to me that it's incumbent upon the Corporate Media to provide at least some coverage of the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, the Reform Party, the Constitution Party, and others.  There also are a number of No-Party, or Independent candidates.  None of the above even get one minute of exposure.  Instead, we're again stuck with the two branches of the Neoliberal Corporatist Party--- the Dems & Repubs.  [If either Trump or Clinton is a Populist, then I'm a Chinese Astronaut preparing for the first manned flight to Mars:]

We're stuck with Republican candidates saying nothing significant, nothing in-depth, about really important issues (e.g., the crashing economy), and instead, merely calling each other names.  Then, too, we're stuck with Clinton pretending to be a Populist, and Democrat "Superdelegates" (Party Elites) skewing democracy.  SSDD.

Have you heard of Jill Stein?  Which Party does she represent?  What's their Platform for 2016?  [I could list a number of other fine candidates...all across the political spectrum...and all Establishment outsiders.]

The fact is:  the Republican and Democrat Parties in the USA are dictatorial.  Through various means (especially Ballot Access Laws) and in conjunction with the Corporate Media, they purposely squash any Third Party efforts at the national level.  Critics say that those Third Parties don't have a chance anyway, so who cares(?).  Well, come on, they certainly don't have a chance if they get almost no exposure and if it's nearly impossible to get on the ballot in all 50 States.  That's for sure.  SSDD.

Many people apparently are fed up with same-ol', same-ol', Establishment Politics.  If that's true, then here's a suggestion:  stop voting for the Establishment Parties...or, boycott national elections completely.  Here's an old adage that almost always holds true:  you can't win a Rigged Game.  Most everything about the Two-Party Monopoly in the USA is rigged...and that's rarely ever in our favor.  It's way past time to give the Two-Party Monopoly the shaft.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

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