Friday, May 6, 2016

At Last, Obama is Being Sued by an Army Officer

Captain Nathan Michael Smith, an Army Intelligence Officer stationed in Kuwait, is suing the President for violating the War Powers Act and the U.S. Constitution in relation to the Iraq-Syria ISIS War.  It's about time someone did...kudos to Captain Smith.

Months ago, the New York Times Editorial Board came to the same conclusion:  that war is illegal; Obama does not have Congressional Authorization to prosecute the war.  No one seemed to care.  It took Captain Smith, who believes the war needs to be fought, to bring the issue once again to the forefront.  He, like all significant public servants, took an oath to "preserve, protect, & defend" the Constitution.  He stated that his conscience bothered him when he realized that the ISIS War is not legal.  He's's not.  Any 12th-grader of average intelligence who has read the Constitution from stem to stern knows that.  Anyone with an ounce of common sense and a cursory knowledge of the 1973 War Powers Act knows, despite what Obama claims, that the Authorization from the Dubya Bush 2003 Iraq War cannot be used to fight the current ISIS War.  ISIS had nothing whatsoever to do with the 9-11 attacks and it didn't even exist in 2003.

I don't expect Captain Smith's lawsuit to gain any traction at all for the following reasons---

1.  War is BIG Business...and a great distraction from our crashing economy.
2.  The Powers-That-Be don't appear to give a damn about the Constitution; they seem to view it as an anachronism.
3.  Our Judicial System seems to be corrupt a good deal of the time.
4.  Oligarchs usually get what they want...and they usually want war.
5.  Very few in Gov't dare to challenge the ongoing expansion of Executive Branch Power.  The Executive already has Power today approaching that of a Monarch or dictator.
6.  Edward Bernays style Propaganda seems to have convinced most of our citizens that ISIS is a grave threat to the USA.  It isn't.  Very few people in-the-know, such as retired Colonel and Boston University Professor Emeritus Andrew Bacevich, have stated--- as has Colonel Bacevich ---that ISIS is not any significant threat to our country.  People believe the Propaganda to the contrary, and thus the legality of that war seems to be unimportant.

The Rule of Law in this country is on a downhill slide at the speed of light...and not just regarding the Constitution.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

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