Monday, July 11, 2016

Is it Race or Class? Or Both?

I get suspicious whenever the Corporate Media and/or the Fed Gov't promote some idea...over & over & over.  In this case, it's the supposed racial divide here in the USA.  Yes, some people of all "races" are prejudiced; but I don't believe the problem is as massive as we're being told.

The current unrest is not primarily about Race.  I'm sure there are some bad-apple racist cops; however, I suspect the following is mostly playing out worldwide--
Cops are much like soldiers:  THEY HAVE ORDERS from higher up.  The Oligarchy's 
political corruption, economic & financial failures, empire hegemony, & intolerance of 
democracy are no longer being tolerated by the People...who are demonstrating on a wide variety of fronts (racial, economic, environmental, immigration, incarceration/prison reform, 
political, police brutality, etc.).  The Powers-That-Be are clamping down on all protests; 
they no longer tolerate protests of any they group or individual.  [Once in a great while, we see an exception 
to that general statement.]

The Oligarchy is attempting to put "the little people", "the bewildered herd", "the ignorant masses", "the spectators" [all terms from a few "Liberals" and "Libertarians" of the past] in their place.  This is a Class War of epic proportions...the monitoring of essentially everyone, a 
crackdown on demonstrations, no tolerance for arguments from anyone, a massive transfer of wealth, white-collar criminality by the 
Super-Rich, war for profit, privately-run prisons, privatization of public infrastructure & other 
resources, a War on Cash, the hollowing-out of the Middle Class, and on & on.

As Warren Buffett said, "We are in a Class War in this country, and unfortunately, my class 
is winning.".  He's correct.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

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