Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Libya 2 - Obama Violates Statutory Law & the Constitution... and Trump Continues to Disintegrate

With the expansion of the ISIS War into Libya, Obama again violates both the War Powers Act and the Constitution.  He's again using the "Authorization" for war from years & years ago...when Congress "authorized" the use of military force against those who committed the 9-11 atrocity.  ISIS didn't even exist at that time.  Just a cursory examination of the War Powers Act reveals that any "Authorization" for war must be specific to a particular entity and general time.  The way Obama has been advised to view it, he (or the next President) could use that long-expired permission from Congress against any group, anywhere, and at any time.  No checks and balances.  The President is then a dictator.  Being Commander-in-Chief does not mean that the President legally can ignore the rest of the Constitution... but that's what's being done.

If elected, Hillary most likely would do the same thing.  It would be more use of the oligarchical, Machiavellian tool of Perpetual War... for the benefit of war contractors, mega bankers, and other supranational, mega corporations.

As to the Constitution and War, ever since the Korean Conflict (the official name of that war) in the 1950's we have been living in an Orwellian dystopia.  The Powers-That-Be knew calling it a war would mean that it was unconstitutional...because Congress must declare war before the President can wage one.  But, of course, it was a war.  Two of my uncles served in it.  So, too, was the Vietnam Conflict (the official name).  More Orwellian dystopia.  Then the Powers-That-Be came up with a brilliant idea---they passed the War Powers Act in 1973...before the end of the Vietnam fiasco.  That allowed them (unconstitutionally, because no law trumps the Constitution) to bypass the requirement for Congress to declare war.  In other words, they essentially changed the Constitution without amending it... because it's much easier to pass a law than to amend the SUPREME Law of the Land.  So ever since 1973, Congress supposedly does not have to declare war; it only has to "authorize" the President to use military force...at the specific time of his choosing.  [After a Declaration of War according to the Constitution, we were immediately at war; now, the President can wait until he, and he alone, decides it's time to start the war.  Congress must decide when a war starts (if we obey the Constitution), not the Executive.  Putting that power in the Executive's hands violates the Supreme Law of the Land.  The President represents the State; the Congress represents the People.  WHEN we go to war is not up to one person; instead, that's determined by all citizens via their representatives in both Houses of Congress... that is, IF we adhere to the Constitution.]

As to Trump, he continues on--- almost every time he opens his mouth, he essentially conveys this message:  don't vote for me...basically, I continually change my mind, I'm somewhat unstable & volatile, and I'm ignorant of governmental, social, and cultural matters.  His supporters, and those of Clinton, rightfully are angry over a whole host of important issues... but the fact remains:  a majority of Americans don't want either one of them as President.  That's shown in a recent Gallup Poll... Gallup is the most respected polling organization in the world.

This is the year to not settle for the lesser of two evils.  Either vote for someone else, or better yet, boycott the election in November.  Embarrass those who have rigged the Game.

On the Rigged Game note, did you notice how the revelation by WikiLeaks of the DNC emails was handled by both the Clinton campaign and the Corporate Media?  There was no substantive discussion of the content of those emails; instead, the whole issue was deflected by bringing up "the Russians did it".  Very shortly after that, no discussion at all.  Evidence of the Rigged Game basically was suppressed.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

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