Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The International Financial Coterie is Destroying Us

Below the dotted line is a recent email I sent to my son, other family, and a few friends.  It has to do with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the International Financial Coterie (IFC), the latter not being an "official" designation (it was coined by the late Professor Carroll Quigley).
First a brief Preface---
If not the most powerful, then the IMF certainly is one of the very powerful financial institutions on the planet.  Most of us have heard of it; but most of us have no clue as to exactly what it does.  I suspect that even fewer of us know much about the IMF's Special Drawing Rights (SDRs).  My son had sent me a piece from the IMF official website, a piece with a brief discussion of SDRs.  The SDR system basically is a "basket" of currencies that acts as an additional reserve to participating world central banks.  SDRs can be exchanged by participating members for freely usable currencies.  On October 1, 2016, China will join the elite SDR members.
The IMF & SDRs = another Oligarchical racket.  The People never voted on this stuff.  The reason the SDR kinda faded away "a few yrs after" it was formed (in 1969) is because of the "Nixon Shock" (fiat $$$ in 1971).  Now it's just another way to manipulate fiat bucks among the International Financial Coterie (IFC).  [Google "coterie"; I had to.  Had only a vague idea of what it is.  Carroll Quigley, Bill Clinton's mentor at Georgetown U. & a well-respected macro-historian, wrote in 1966 that the IFC (his phrase) ran the world.  He was right, but very few paid attention.]  

The whole mess of politics is a fraud.  Repubs, Dems, Right, Left, etc. ALL (at the highest levels) are puppets of the IFC...sometimes called the "Shadow Gov't", which is recognized by many respected analysts such as Bill Moyers, David Stockman, Michael Hudson, William K. Black, & others.  Even FDR & JFK believed it (one has to dig a bit to find that info).  So do others on the "Right" besides Stockman.  Someday most Americans will wake up to this sad fact.  [The funny thing is, it's not any kind of "grand conspiracy"; it's just kinda an "organic" thing.  The IFC (I suspect) think of it merely as "good business practice".]

Thanks for the piece...revealing history, & straight from the horse's mouth (the IMF).
I strongly recommend that everyone do a bit of research on Carroll Quigley.  He was a brilliant historian, and specialized in the influence of banking and money on the evolution of civilizations.  His book, Tragedy and Hope, is an in-depth examination of how the Powers-That-Be rule the world...regardless of politics, elections, and any well-meaning institutions.  For the most part, he liked what they did; he considered himself a member of the Elite Class.  That's why he was given access to their private papers while writing the book.  Far from being any kind of "conspiracy theory" nutcake, Quigley was a top-notch researcher who dealt in facts and empirical analysis.

Until we understand the Shadow Government---again, a concept well-accepted by reputable analysts such as Bill Moyers--we will never be able to properly oppose it and have a free and democratic society.  The Elites practice the "Golden Rule":  whoever has the gold, rules.  Currently, it makes almost no difference who is in political office in the so-called "free" countries.  They all kow-tow to the International Financial Coterie...regarding politics, finance, economics, social matters, and war.  [None of it is a "conspiracy".  It's merely some people with common interests, and who think they're above the rest of us, working at times together---but mostly independently or in very small groups---to attain their mutual objectives.  It has nothing at all to do with bizarre rituals, esoteric symbols, and all the other nonsense promoted by some "researchers".  Those people may be well-meaning, but all they're doing is helping the Powers-That-Be by turning off the rest of us to the concept of the Shadow Gov't.]

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

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