Friday, February 8, 2019

The Wholeness of Humanity

Below is the response to my last piece ("It's the Other Side's Fault") from my brother, Timothy D. Haley.  Over the years, Tim and I have disagreed on a number of concepts; but on this one, we are in full agreement.  After his response, I've included a quote from Carl Jung, and my own closing comments.
In my understanding and experience, ALL thoughts/feelings of duality/separateness/otherness, are struggles (battles?) within ourselves, denying the ONENESS of creation.  It’s long been known that those qualities in others that we HATE, are all the repressed thoughts, feelings and concepts about OURSELVES we don’t want to face.    All the stuff we thought “they” were guilty of is equally in ourselves.   "What goes around, comes around.”   “The more we point the finger of blame to others, the more that finger comes back to point at us.”   To the degree we lift ourselves individually and collectively out of unconscious motivations to conscious awareness, is the degree to which we heal and move toward wholeness.   It is our expanding individual WHOLENESS that allows us to grasp the ONENESS of humanity, a place where COMPASSION AND SELF-COMPASSION grow and thrive. 
From Carl may be a tiny bit paraphrased (I don't have the exact quote in front of me)---
"The Self is a circle, the center of which is nowhere, and the circumference of which is everywhere.".

I interpret that as:  the oneness of humanity.  We in the Western World, in particular, often seem to be utterly opposed to that concept.  Instead, we tend to embrace the ideas of opposing factions, strife, self-righteousness, and imposing our will on others...because, as the Bob Dylan song mourned, we have "God on our side".  Or, something else equally important (in our minds) is on our side.  All "sides" think that.  Hello.  

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

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