Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Call to All Ron Paul Supporters

You can't win a fixed game. There is no point in rehashing all the ways in which the game is fixed; anyone who is up on things knows them. It is now virtually impossible for Dr. Paul to win the Republican nomination. He has vowed to continue to get the Liberty message out, and that's a very good thing; but it should be obvious to all by now that the nomination is not in the cards.

Months ago, I issued a call (on another forum) to all in the Liberty Movement. This piece is a restatement of that call. We cannot change the corrupt system from within that system; at least, history shows us that has not been done in (at a minimum) the last fifty or so years. Something new is needed. The answer does not seem to be a third party because the two-party dictatorship and Uncle TOM (Tired Old Media) have pretty well seen to it that such an approach does not stand a chance of success.

In my opinion, the first thing we need is a place to meet, organize, discuss, identify and plan for the implementation of action items. A website appears to be the only practical solution. Some person, or some group, needs to step up to the plate and provide this first step. I'd do it myself, but I'm basically dirt poor and a techno-idiot. Free websites will not do because they don't have enough bells and whistles for the task at hand.

Once we have a website, then what? We need to discuss and decide on a plan of action. Personally, I favor boycotts that are planned, coordinated, timed, and implemented on a national scale...and that can be done individually and wherever a person is located. But if someone has a better idea, I'm all ears. The only thing I wouldn't consider is armed revolt. That's a very bad idea that would be doomed to failure and would set this Movement back by decades. We also need to advertise both our website and our goals far and wide. So, again, we need a sponsor with a little money to spend.

At present the Liberty Movement is composed of a variety of subset groups and websites that do not act in a coordinated manner. This has to change if we are to restore our beloved Republic. Again, I stress that such restoration is not going to be accomplished from within the Establishment system. We have to start thinking out of the box; moreover, I believe that we have to start thinking about coordinated, timed civil disobedience.

Something else that could be done along the same lines is to form our own online government, if for no other reason as a visible protest and a visible alternative to the Corporatocracy. Something has to be done. I fear for my son's future, and he's almost thirty-two years old. And so I issue this call, this plea to those who understand and love Liberty---someone, or some group, step up and let's get things rolling.

Comments? Suggestions? Anyone?


KOSMIC said...

I like the Idea of a mock government to mock those in power with an example of true Power, The power of We The People to join together and change the future towards a constitutional government. I imagine a Supreme court elected by WTP and hearing and argueing cases that the US Supreme Court is hearing at the time, with our own opinions being published. I also like the Idea Bob Schulz had to create a Jefferson House in each state that would be used to coordinate our efforts to keep the government accountable.

Some patriots have opinions that our state government are not lawful ruling governments and some articles of parallel government offices have appeared. I would love to see a parallel government for every office in one state and be able to show the public that a government run by ordinary citizens can provide better results.


Scott Haley said...

Hi Bob,

I remember your cogent comments on the Questforfairtrial... site. Thanks for responding here.

The idea of a mock govt definitely is worthwhile, and thank you for mentioning Bob Schulz. His efforts are the closest thing we have to what I called for in this present article.

As much as I admire the We the People websites, to me they don't quite fill the bill. I believe we are in dire need of one central site where folks can propose, discuss, vote on, coordinate, and implement measures...whatever those measures might be.

On a related topic, there is another group that views itself as a separate movement...and they have quite a unique approach. I was somewhat interested in them until I discovered that they are strictly religious-based. They are at, although the name has changed---nevertheless, by using that address one is automatically directed to the new site. Their whole premise is that we are still under the Articles of Confederation...and that Common Law is what the de jure citizen should be under. I like the second half of their premise.

In any case, I am not hopeful that the call in my article will be answered relative to a central website. It appears as though we will continue on in our usual unorganized fashion. Each separate group is organized, but they are not all coordinated into a cohesive force.

Dave Champion from told me that he has been preaching the same thing (getting organized) for years, to no avail. [I realize that it is in our nature to be independent, but in a crisis, people must join forces if they expect to come out ahead.]


Scott Haley said...

P.S. to Bob,

The thing that originally attracted me to ( is that they are in the process of forming not just a mock govt, but a parallel, functioning govt.

I don't think that they'll be successful, and unfortunately, they are really appealing to only a very limited group.

On a different topic, I am interested in your opinion of the efforts of Russell Means (and others) at They are not limiting themselves to American Indians. Their undertaking is quite massive (in my opinion), and whether or not they will be successful is an open question.

As you may or may not know, Means once vied for the nomination of the Libertarian Party as its Presidential candidate...and came close to winning it.