Monday, February 18, 2008

The Flaws in the Constitution

As much as I defend the Constitution, I don't think we even should have one. Let's not forget that it took well over a year of bitter debate before all of the original States ratified it. The two States at the tail end of that process did so only because they had little economic choice.

1. The Constitution had a very nefarious beginning...the original purpose of the meeting was to AMEND the Articles of Confederation, but some of the attendees launched (in secret) a plan to dump the Articles entirely.
2. It was written only for Caucasian males---no one else was considered a full citizen. It took women over a hundred years to get the right to vote. (Actually, they had it all along, but no one enforced it. It is, after all, an unalienable right to participate in the choosing of who governs you, and is not dependent on any government grant.)
3. It is not anywhere nearly as important a philosophical document as is the Declaration of Independence.
4. It assumed that because Supreme Court judges were appointed for life, they would not be politically influenced. That was a major fatal flaw.
5. It contains several minor flaws, such as not defining "General Welfare", and not placing term limits on members of Congress (it never occurred to the Founders that anyone would want to make a CAREER out of political office), and having no penalty on Congress for failing to call an Article V Convention when enough States request it. And there are others.
6. It failed to make crystal clear the fact that secession is allowed. As I've pointed out before, New York and Virginia would not ratify the Constitution until they were given assurances that withdrawal from the Union was allowed.

I really believe we would be better off with a loose confederation of nation-States under the Articles, a model somewhat similar to what Europe is today. All that was needed were amendments for: a common standard for money; some inter-State commerce rules; and taxes for "national" (Confederation) defense. With the Constitution, they tried hard to make a nation where States' rights were more important than the central government, but they largely failed. So today we have a "one-size-fits-all" approach by the plutocracy in DC, which is imposed on the States whether they like it or not. And of course, it is the States who are the People, NOT DC.

I hate to say it, but I believe that the Founders failed in accomplishing what they set out to establish a free society. I stay here because I love the land, and because I've seen nothing better anywhere else. Nevertheless, I'm convinced that this is not the society that our Founders envisioned when they declared independence.


statusquobuster said...

You make a terrific point when you say: having no penalty on Congress for failing to call an Article V Convention when enough States request it. Indeed!! Congress has blatantly violated the Constitution. Learn more about the Article V convention option at and become a member...

Scott Haley said...

Friends of Article V Convention is a great Movement---I encourage all to explore it.

One reason Congress has ignored the call for a Convention (thus breaking the law) is because one of the first items on the agenda would be an Amendment imposing TERM LIMITS on Congress. Our "representatives" in DC would then have to be ON THE RECORD as to opposing or favoring such an Amendment. They prefer to stick with weak rhetoric.


Elijah_Luthor said...

Dearest Friends,

One specific flaw in the Constitution makes "habeas corpus" a 'privilege.' The RIGHT for the Writ of Habeas Corpus is an inherent and unalienable right in a country whose laws are based upon Common Law jurisprudence, and that includes for it to NOT BE suspended EVEN IN cases of rebellion or invasion. The current Constitution allows for it to be suspended if so ever needed. But, Thomas Jefferson was keen in noting that if the people become so accustomed to "suspending" habeas corpus because there are times of rebellion with the people, then such suspensions will become so habitual that the Writ will lose the very principles for its need and use. He was thoroughly self-educated in the Law, and that includes Biblical, Oriental, Roman, European, Anglo-Saxon, English, and even some Ab Origine Native American tribal law.

I myself study History and Law, so as I see it based on my own erudition, that Writ and all related Writs "shall not ever be suspended EVEN in instances or times of anarchical rebellion, severe outlawry, foreign invasion, and domestic or foreign terrorism."

Another flaw in the Constitution is in Article VI (Six) where it reads "All Debts contracted and Engagements entered into, before the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be as valid against the United States under this Constitution, as under the Confederation." Alexander Hamilton, an Illuminati agent working on behalf for the Crown of England, was so adamant that the Constitution be composed, and was very committed to this particular clause. Why? Because it states that even under the new American Republic, Americans and their new systems for governance are still obligated into paying back debts they had previously owed one way or another to their former mother country Great Britain, in especially to the Crown of England. But, We the American people broke away from that despicable island maritime monarchy because they were oppressive and suppressive. There is no way on Earth that anyone in their right mind would ever submit to "owing" a king ANYTHING especially after fighting a "bloody and costly Revolution" to rid themselves "of that British contagion!"

One major flaw in the Constitution is that it does not make it specifically clear that America was founded upon Jud├Žo-Christianity. All governments on the globe derive the source of their authority from somewhere. Today, over 85% of Americans are true Christians (non-Catholics) and 91% of the lawful native-born citizens are a prayerful people. There is voluminous proof that the Founders, Framers, and our Revolutionary Patriots (those that were NOT Freemason heathens!) were indeed genuine Christian men and women. The original American Republic was founded upon Natural Law and Common Law. Natural Law comes directly from Almighty God and Common Law is a branch of that dealing with elements of jurisprudence and the protection of We the American people's "sovereignty" as "Human Beings" as well as "Sovereign American citizens." With Common Law, its fundamental and primary principle is Human Liberty. And, with Natural Law, that means not only are we all created equal and created with a free mind, with of freedom of movement, freedom of conscience, and possessing free will, etc., but also freedom from sin. "Human Liberty" is 'freedom from sin,' not the 'freedom to sin.'

But, because human beings are prone to sin and are naturally exposed to evil, there are remedies to protect innocent law-abiding citizens as well as lawfully and fairly judge and punish criminal behavior not only against Our Lord Almighty God, but for crimes against humanity and for the crimes of Treason and High Treason...

Elijah_Luthor said...

...A Republic, in especially, the original American Republic, is the best form of lawfully organized governance the world has ever seen because it begins with the individual. Although we humans battle with choosing good and evil each day, we are still self-governing. And, with that, our lawfully possessed land and property is what I like to call our "Private Republics." So, verily and thusly, government begins in our homesteads and spreads out to our cities, counties / parishes, Republic States, and the union of the various Republic States which make up the American Republic. So, as long as We the people are eternally vigilant in defending Liberty itself, then tyranny will be kept at bay (and off our shores, lol).

Also, under the true Republic, American common law jurisprudence governs the "land" whilst American maritime or admiraly law governs "the High Seas" or wheresoever America has "maritime jurisdiction."

So, if you are entering into an Open Court where the flags are "golden-fringed," GET OUT IMMEDIATELY! Golden-fringed flags are symbols of admiralty law and DO NOT belong in a court that is in Common Law territory. That court has been hijacked and is not practicing the lawful form of jurisprudence. Besides, if you place your Person within an admiralty court that is on the land, you are entering into a "British colonial forum!!" Be aware!!

And, another thing, "Attorney" comes from a Sanskrit term meaning "to turn or to twist." Additionally, an Esquire was a granted rank and Title of nobility by the king, which is below Knight and above a yeoman, common man. An Esquire is someone that does not do manual labor as signified by this status. So, attorneys and esquires, as agents for the Crown of England, their function is to turn the sovereignty and wealth of this country back over to the Crown of England. Those heathen serpentine bastards!! Go here:

And, for the real truth concerning the origin and purpose for the Constitution, go here:

May Our Lord Almighty God Keep You in Good Health and Safety. May God forgive and bless We the American people. God save the American Republic.

By the Grace of God,
Elijah Lionel Luthor I

Post Scriptum- Here is Thomas Jefferson's quote on the Writ for Habeas Corpus:

"Why suspend the habeas corpus in insurrections and rebellions? Examine the history of England. See how few of the cases of the suspension of the habeas corpus law have been worthy of that
suspension. They have been either real treasons, wherein the parties
might as well have been charged at once, or sham plots, where it was
shameful they should ever have been suspected. Yet for the few cases wherein the suspension of the habeas corpus has done real good, that operation is now become habitual and the minds of the nation almost prepared to live under its constant suspension."

Elijah_Luthor said...

Please disregard any typos.

Matt said...

Your wrong about the country being founded upon Christianity and the founding fathers being Christians.

Cindy Dy said...

Your blog is so cute and I love it. Keep it up.Happy blogging. :)


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