Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Class War in America

I just now finished watching a fairly recent piece on Frontline, "Two American Families" with Bill Moyers.  Brilliant.  He chronicled the struggles of two families in Milwaukee, Wisconsin over a period of about twenty years.  What a vivid illustration of the economic travails of those hard-working folks and of a once-great country going down the drain.  I tried to leave a comment on the PBS website, but that function was not working for some reason.  My comment follows...

In my opinion, The Big Picture related to this story is as follows.  As Warren Buffett stated not long ago, "There's a Class War going on in America, and unfortunately, my class is winning.".  The Oligarchy, devoid of political ideology, for decades has been promoting Globalization for the simple reason that it greatly benefits the upper, upper crust.  Cheaper labor, relatively few health & safety standards for workers, relatively few environmental regulations with which to comply, no labor unions, etc. all mean more profits for the transnational mega corporations.  Manufacturing and jobs leave our country.  We are rapidly approaching the day when only two economic classes will remain in the USA:  the super rich and the poor or so close to poor that the difference doesn't matter.

Despite their rhetoric to the contrary, both Republican and Democrat politicians support (or do not oppose) the above scenario.  You think not?  If you were to name all the American politicians who do NOT support NAFTA, CAFTA, the WTO, the IMF, and the like, I predict that the numbers of them would not take up more than the fingers of one hand...and those few folks have been marginalized completely.  Despite the unceasing propaganda in this great land, politics is (for all intents & purposes) dead in the USA...all that remains is Crony Capitalism...Mega Business...Fascism.

The situation will not improve until Americans fully realize that we have been Divided and Conquered by the Oligarchy.  They get richer while we get poorer.  Even if that realization ever comes, I fear that Americans cannot effectively divorce themselves from divisive politics long enough to take the peaceful action necessary to correct the mess that we're in.  Even if, by some miracle, the political propaganda was ignored...even if Americans could analyze what's going on devoid of the dead political paradigm...I fear we would not have the will to execute a solution.  It would take a massive boycott of the Mega Corporations and their Cronies in DC.  The chances of that happening essentially are zero.  I don't see it ever happening; I hope, for the sake of my grandchildren, that I'm wrong.

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