Monday, December 9, 2013

Whose Sarin?...and Good News

Thank Buddha-Mind (or "God", if you prefer) for journalists such as the Pulitzer Prize winner, Seymour Hersh.  In case you missed it, and as reported in depth on the 12-9-13 newscast of Democracy Now, Hersh has an article out that challenges the Fed Govt's assertion that it was "preposterous" to believe that anyone other than Assad launched the sarin gas attack in Syria not long ago.  "Preposterous" was the exact word used by the White House.  Here's the story in a nutshell---

1.  Hersh's unnamed sources, people in the Pentagon and the intelligence community, outraged by not only the misleading statements coming from the White House, but also by the unconstitutionality of the whole war proposal, revealed that Obama's claim that the attack had to have been launched by the Assad regime was nowhere near a certainty.

2.  There are well over 1,000 jihadist groups opposing Assad, and at least a couple of them have sarin-launching capability.

3.  Our Fed Gov't has in place some sort of passive sensors that indicate whenever the Syrian Army starts messing around with sarin gas.  Those sensors indicated nothing, no action, during the time just prior to the attacks.  [NOTE--- Sarin gas cannot be stored; it's too volatile, too reactive, and it degrades very quickly.  Only its component chemicals can be stored, then mixed just prior to use.]

Obama completely screwed up with his (paraphrased) "Syria must not cross the red line" pronouncement, but he used that plus the misinformation regarding the sarin attacks to attempt to get us into another war.  Why?  In my opinion, the answer is clear and the evidence of it is overwhelming.

War is business...BIG business.  The Corporatocracy, or Oligarchy, owns (lock, stock, and barrel) about 99% of all the elected officials in our Outlaw Fed Gov't.  [I refer to them as outlaws because they violate their constitutional oath of office on an almost daily basis.  I once saw a YouTube video clip in which a House member flat out stated, "Half of what we do is unconstitutional.  What's the big deal?"...they violate the Supreme Law of the Land, and don't care.]  As Lord Acton pointed out long ago, power corrupts.  Despite popular opinion to the contrary, I believe that Obama (like most all politicians in DC) is in the hip pocket of BIG Business.  That idea certainly was not original with me.  I first heard it from Left-leaning scholars such as Noam Chomsky, and socialists such as the Australian documentarian, John Pilger... and others.  As a result, I did my own research; the evidence is indisputable.

This is an essay, not a research paper.  I don't have the time or energy to again look up and cite all those references.  If you're interested, do your own digging.  Here's a tiny start:  in his first bid for President, Obama received more campaign donations from the speculative bankers on Wall Street than did McCain.  That's a fact.  It may not "prove" anything, but it's very suggestive, and when viewed with all the other evidence, results in the conclusion that there's about a 99% degree of probability that the man is a corporatist.

 The President did not succeed in getting us into another war.  Perhaps a small part of the reason for that failure was due to the American People saying, in essence, what a dumb idea.  But that wasn't the main reason.  Nor was it because Putin came up with a nonviolent approach to the Syrian problem.  Obama and Putin don't like each other, that's obvious to anyone.  I easily can imagine that Obama was somewhat humiliated by going the Putin route relative to Syria.  The main reason for the President's failure, according to Hersh, was that he couldn't continue on with the misleading justification for launching another war...because some people in the Pentagon and the intelligence community were saying that the evidence was weak.  There was no solid case.

The fact is, no one yet knows with any certainty who launched the sarin gas attacks in Syria.  We may never know.  The important point here is that yet another President believed he had the power to put us at war with a country that had not attacked us or even threatened us.  There is zero constitutional authority for the President to do such a thing...there was no invasion of our land, no insurrection here, and no one here was defying any Law of the Land.  Those scenarios are the only ones that can bring forth constitutionally permitted use of the military.  Without a constitutional Amendment, nothing else qualifies.  The DC Outlaws completely ignore the Constitution in that regard...they've been doing it for decades.

You may or may not have noticed, since the Syrian debacle, the Corporate Media have begun to turn against Obama.  Little things so far, just hints of displeasure, but it looks to me like a trend is developing.  The warmongers didn't get what they wanted.  Mega, transnational corporations of many types benefit greatly from the Business of War.

This piece should not be construed as in any way excusing Assad or "picking on" Obama.  I'm not a Republican or a Democrat; in fact, I believe that whole paradigm is a farce, nothing but propaganda.  I have a Science well versed in the Scientific Method of Inquiry.  Am simply making observations and drawing a few conclusions.  I was just as hard on Bush, Clinton, Daddy Bush, and even Reagan.  By digging just a little, I think it's fairly conclusive that the Oligarchy rules this country.

In conclusion, I heartily recommend that everyone view the online Hersh interview on Democracy Now, December 9, 2013.  Unfortunately, Obama is just another in a long line of political frauds.

Just my opinion.

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