Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Bush-Obama Principles and Doctrines

1.  Respect a country's sovereignty only when it serves the interests of the U.S. Fed Gov't and the Oligarchs who own that Gov't.
2.  Never refer to the Constitution except when saying, "Stop telling me about the Constitution; the Constitution is just a goddamn piece of paper."  ~ George W. Bush.
3.  Refer to those in a civil war who are not the puppets of the U.S. Fed Gov't as "terrorists".  [Example--- A day or two ago, Obama referred to the Iraqi Sunnis (who are in a civil war with the Iraqi Shiites) in that exact way.  He also said that, short of sending in ground troops, he would aid the Iraqi Gov't in order to defeat said terrorists in Iraq...and so, too, to make sure they never attack our Homeland.  Query:  do people really fall for that line?]
4.  If a whistleblower exposes Fed Gov't criminality, then criminalize that whistleblower.  [Examples---  Tom Drake, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and several others.]
5.  Bail out financial institutions who have made reckless, incredibly speculative investments...and who should (according to the principles of Free Market Capitalism) eat the consequences and fail.  Lie to the People, saying that if those Financialization Institutions are not bailed out, our entire economy will collapse.  Protect the mega banks that swindled investors from criminal prosecution.
6.  Allow mega corporate cronies to become Fed Gov't cronies, and in the process, give them a capital gains tax break of hundreds of millions of dollars.  [Example:  Hank Paulson...capital gains tax break of $200 million.  There are others as well.  Put out a cover story saying that's how we attract the best people to Gov't.]
7.  Do whatever Israel says.  Ignore and/or suppress the fact that the founders of the State of Israel were once themselves terrorists...back when that land was British Palestine.  Ignore and/or suppress the fact that current Israeli settlements in the Occupied Territories violate International Law.
8.  Support all so-called "Free Trade" Agreements...especially when they facilitate the export of jobs and manufacturing from the USA, thus allowing the super-rich to become even richer.
9.  Cover up Fed Gov't criminality by using this phrase over and over:  National Security.
10.  Talk the Egalitarian Talk, but then do what's best for the Oligarchy.  Continue mega corporate welfare at the highest level possible.  Make certain that billionaires essentially can buy elections.
11.  Continue the lie that the Fed Reserve benefits Main Street.  Don't let the People know that the Fed provides essentially free money (the Discount Window) to so-called investment banks...and that those "investments" are not for job creation, but rather are for speculative derivatives that benefit only insiders.
12.  Continue the myth that because of certain legislation the Congress supposedly does not have to declare war before the President can put troops on the battlefield.  [That LIE has been one of the most successful falsehoods ever put forth by the highest levels of the Fed Gov't.  The false premise in that concept is that Laws supercede the U.S. Constitution.  Please.]

I could go on...and on...and on.  Time constraints do not permit it.

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Hear hear!

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