Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Protests, Ferguson, the Hypocrisy of Brand Obama, & Oligarchies

A few years ago at some sort of Socialist Convention, John Pilger (a well-known Australian documentarian) gave a speech in which he characterized Obama as "Brand Obama...and it's all fake".  There are so many examples of Obama's hypocrisy and deceit that I couldn't possibly relate even half of them to you.  Despite that, two very recent examples have prompted me to comment.

1.  A day or two ago, our President stated publicly that he was very concerned over the use of militarized police in Ferguson, Missouri...relative to Mike Brown's death and the ensuing public protests.  Incredible.  For years and years, the Fed Gov't (including the Obama Administration) has been instrumental in purposely militarizing local police...with gear, vehicles, weapons, and training.  The excuse given, of course, is the Boogie-Man who replaced the Communist--- the Terrorist.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm all for being protected against terrorism, but here's the problem.  When police basically are turned into soldiers and use military-style vehicles in dealing with everyday citizens, a new dynamic becomes part of police-community relations.  Common, law-abiding people are made to feel as though they ALL are some kind of "enemy".  Peaceful protesters, exercising their Right to free speech suddenly are treated as if they are some sort of enemy.  This violates long-held principles in this country, such as dissidents being able to voice their protests without fear, and the principle that the military should be used against citizens only in cases of EXTREME violence or insurrection.

2.  Obama also stated just recently that journalists should not be harassed or jailed by the police just for trying to do their jobs.  That statement is in direct contradiction to Brand Obama's actions via his Administration's relentless harassment of the New York Times reporter, James Risen.  Never mind the Fed Gov't treatment of many other journalists whose "crime" appears to be that they're getting news stories from Fed whistleblowers.

All of the above illustrates some worrisome tactics of various Oligarchies.  Too often, everyday people no longer are allowed to peacefully protest in this country.  A day or two ago, a 90-year-old woman was arrested (with several other people) in a public space in front of the building that contains the Governor's Office in Missouri.  They were protesting the situation in Ferguson.  I'm wondering, did the police think this 90-year-old protester was a "terrorist", or some other threat to Missouri?  I doubt it.  The name of the Game in the USA today is to clamp down hard on lawful dissidence.  The Oligarchs simply don't want to hear it.  The abrogation of the First Amendment is nearly complete.  Politicians still tell us that we have the Rights of free speech & assembly, and the Right to petition our Government...but in reality, we rarely are allowed to exercise those Natural Rights.  Those at the highest levels in our Gov't, like Obama, say one thing and then do another...and they don't even try to hide it anymore.  Instead, they simply spew out Gov't-Speak and Edward Bernays style propaganda.

Another long-standing tactic of Oligarchs and their Cronies in Government, a tactic being exacerbated in recent years, is instituting the idea of the "crime" of PRE-CRIME into our supposedly free society.  So, for example, lawful and peaceful protests are confined to designated areas---usually distant from the event being protested---because someone MIGHT break the law.  Or worse, public protesters are immediately arrested and hauled off because they MIGHT commit a crime.  The protester is guilty of Pre-Crime.  Another example--- pre-emptive invasions of certain foreign countries are deemed by the Oligarchs as Constitutional and ethical because the "enemy" country MIGHT attack us or our allies in the future.  The "enemy" is guilty of Pre-Crime.  This was Dubya Bush's primary public reason for invading Iraq in 2003.  The private reason, I'm guessing, is a completely different story.  Another example---  it is against the law to possess certain plant substances and imbibe them behind the closed doors of your home.  The reason:  you MIGHT commit a crime once you become "high".  This concept, of course, does not apply to America's Drug of Choice, booze.  You can possess all the alcohol that you so desire.  That's because we discovered a long time ago that prohibition of substances does not work...never has, never will.  I guess that lesson has been lost.  Here's a clue, Oligarchs:  in any sane Universe, possession of a plant substance is not a crime; it's not even the crime of Pre-Crime, which is a totally egregious and unconstitutional concept.

Partly just my opinion.  Be Well

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