Sunday, February 5, 2017

King Donald the First---the Lunatic King

Trump beats out even Dubya Bush and Obama for the title, Lunatic King.  I didn't think that was possible....especially so soon after the election.  Naturally, I'm exaggerating with the title of this essay; however, exaggeration often drives home a valid point.  Here are just a few of Trump's "lunacies"---

1.  He's acting like an idiot with Iran.  Trump claims that Iran is the greatest generator of terrorism in the world.  In reality, that title belongs to either Saudi Arabia---with its spreading of Wahhabism (a fundamentalist form of Sunni Islam)---or to the USA, with its weaponized drones and American Empire view of world relations.  For about forty years, the Iranian Gov't has tried to turn its own people against the USA.  It failed to do so.  Trump has done it in ten days.

2.  In a really dumb/lunatic move, King Donald not only placed a Gag Order on the EPA & other Gov't agencies, but he placed a freeze on any new contracts for the cleanup of SuperFund toxic/hazardous waste sites.  There are over 1,800 such sites in our Land.  This means that hazardous wastes will not only continue to leach into our groundwater and/or flow into our surface water, but overall will accelerate.  Some of these sites are military installations with pollution dating back to the '50s and '60s.  [As a HazMat Specialist with Sacramento County about 15 years ago, I conducted regulatory compliance inspections of one of those sites, McClellan Air Force Base.  These pollution problems are real, and need to be addressed.]

SIDE NOTE:  The pollution going back decades is a direct result of an almost total lack of environmental regulations and/or enforcement in the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's.  Even today, enforcement of environmental regs is lacking to one degree or another in some areas of our country.  It's a fairly safe bet that Trump & his Administration will worsen the situation.

3.  The blanket ban on people from seven predominantly Muslim countries is making enemies around the world.  Even many in Israel condemn it.  Fortunately, the judicial section of the Deep State here is fighting Trump on this one, and for the moment at least, is winning.

4.  Trump's (for the most part) Corporate Cabinet is beyond ridiculous.  These people will favor Mega Banks, other Mega Corporations, and the Super-Rich over Main Street in a heartbeat.  It all shows where Trump's true loyalties exist.  In terms of the Oligarchy v. the rest of us, it's SSDD.  On second thought, this time it will be on triple steroids.

5.  King Donald's views (and already, actions) on Climate Change display an exponential amount of ignorance.  He's not a stupid man, but he's quintessentially ignorant on too many crucial issues.  Either that, or he's propagandized beyond the pale... or both.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

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