Friday, February 10, 2017

Trump Already is Imploding AND Unitary Executive Power

King Donald appears to think he's still a CEO, or worse, the owner of the American Gov't.  This is somewhat understandable because there are few (if any) institutions more dictatorial than a Mega Corporation...and that's the atmosphere our President is used to.  He appears to believe that he's the Boss of the entire Fed Gov't., and that being Commander-in-Chief entitles him to ignore Immigration Laws passed by Congress and other laws such as the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) passed into Law during the Nixon Era.  [Just the other day, the Army cancelled/terminated the NEPA requirement for an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).  That's a direct violation of NEPA.]

The Don appears to be ignorant of the fact that we have a government composed of three separate branches---all co-equal.  He apparently doesn't believe in the concepts of Checks and Balances and Separation of Powers.  This also is somewhat understandable.  That's because going back at least to the Bill Clinton Era, the Executive Branch has pretty much embraced the concept of Unitary Executive Power (especially promulgated during the Dubya Bush Era).  This concept purports that the President is allowed to set aside any laws that conflict with the Executive's view of actions necessary to preserve "National Security".  It was honed into a weapon (against democracy) primarily by John Yoo and David Addington in the Bush Administration.  In essence, it places the President above the law.  Clinton, Bush, Obama, and it looks like Trump as well all believe in it.  This is a big part of the reason for Presidential violations of statutory law and the Supreme Law of the Land, the U.S. Constitution.

This is the reason that recent Presidents believed they could spy on Americans without obtaining individual warrants signed by a judge.  It's the reason that recent Presidents thought they could go to war without the approval of Congress.  It's the reason they believed that people (U.S. citizens) can be arrested and held incommunicado without a warrant.  It's the reason they all still believe that the President can order weaponized drone attacks whenever and wherever the Executive Branch so chooses...even if the target country says NO.  This is the reason that FBI Agents now can write their own Search Warrants (called "National Security Letters"), and if you're served with one, you cannot reveal that to anyone (not even an attorney) or you're subject to five years in prison.  That's a prime example of Fascism in action.

Trump's implosion is evidenced by his continual whining about judges, about "fake news", about Nordstrom dropping his daughter's clothing line (!), about lawmakers who wish to alter Asset Forfeiture laws, about anyone who criticizes or opposes him, and by his continual use of Twitter as a vehicle for all his woes & complaints.  [He's acting like a teenager.]

King Donald, like all recent Presidents, appears to believe that no one in the Judicial Branch or the Legislative Branch has the right or duty to oppose him.  He seems to think that he's the Head Honcho of the whole Shebang.  He thinks he's the CEO of the Fed Gov't.  Like the Presidents of our recent past, apparently he believes that being Commander-in-Chief of the military means that he's entitled to be above the law.  Being the Head Honcho of the military does not entitle any President to ignore any part of the Constitution or any Law passed by Congress.  There are limits on the Presidency...a lot of limits.  Without strict observance of those limits, we have a Fascist government.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

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