Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump is a Mess, Dangerous, & in a Mess, AND More on the Deep State

The Deep State has hit Trump at least twice at this juncture.  The first time involved the Judicial Branch and his "travel ban" Executive Order.  The second time was regarding Flynn and the Russian Ambassador.  "Officials" in our Gov't brought the whistleblowing leaks (concerning Flynn) to the attention of the Acting Attorney General.  Weeks before, Trump apparently knew about Flynn's lies to the V.P. and the public.  So much for transparency in government.

King Donald is so thin-skinned and insecure that after about a hundred more hits by the Deep State, he'll probably have a nervous breakdown.  If and when that happens, let's hope his finger isn't on the nuclear button.  [This is the guy who asked, "If we have them (nukes), why can't we use them?".]  Good grief.

His press/news conference today was one for the books.  Whining, whining, and more whining.  He's an embarrassment to this country.  On top of that, he's still dwelling on the election...and still thinks he had some sort of massive landslide victory.  It's as though he's trying to convince himself, not us.  The man appears to be emotionally retarded.  The piece on Frontline a short while ago (sorry, I forget the title...maybe, The Choice) about his childhood and upbringing gives insight into that.  Trump always has to see himself as winning and as a success, even if he loses and/or fails.  When criticized, he either attacks with lies... or whines... or both.

I'm certainly not in favor of The Establishment in American politics, but Trump is not the solution to that.  This is the Buffoon Administration, and it's extremely dangerous.  It's filled with Corporatists, Elitists, Militarists, and worse.  The Don makes promises he cannot possibly keep, but he'll violate the Constitution, the Natural Rights of commoners, International Law, and any measure of common sense trying to fulfill those promises.  He thinks he's the greatest thing since sliced bread... and can't stop talking about how great he is.  When he comes up against the wall of Reality, he'll crack.  Before he cracks up, he'll probably double or triple the National Debt (which already is obscene), get us into another major, unconstitutional war, and destroy what's left of our economy.  On top of that, he'll generate more terrorism than did Bush & Obama combined and make enemies of allies around the world.  This President is an unmitigated disaster.  All he'll do is make the Super-Rich richer, poor people poorer, encourage the prejudiced, further hollow out the Middle Class, increase the pollution of the planet, continue Perpetual War, and in general, destroy America.  Of course, he says he'll do the opposite of all that... but then, the guy is a Con Man.  [And no, I'm not a Democrat...or a Republican.]

So, how many Americans really do support and/or approve of him?  The polls I've seen indicate that the number is 1/3rd of all adults in this Land.  One-third.  As paltry as it is, look for that number to shrink before long.  Why?  The guy doesn't have a clue about American Government.  I probably know more about the subject... and that's not saying much.  Plus, as written above, the man appears to be emotionally retarded.  That does not bode well for coping with the stresses and strains of the Presidency... or for making wise decisions.  Finally, he's choosing people to fill his Administration whose actions are going to piss off the vast majority of Americans, never mind the world.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

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