Monday, February 13, 2017

A Blistering Critique of Democrats, Republicans, Trump, and the Deep State

Chris Hedges is recognized as a genuine "Progressive" and well respected as a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist.

This clip (below), only about 12 minutes long, is on a site deemed by the Democrats & Republicans to be a source  of "fake news"...and also deemed by them to be a place where "supporters of Russian Propaganda" pontificate.  It's RT, formerly "Russia Today".  There are a few (very few) sites that really do put out fake news.  The stories are complete fabrications.  From what I've seen over the past two years, RT is NOT one of those sites.  They do, however, have a certain "slant" to many of their presentations.  That's easy to recognize and filter out...just as it is with any other news site. 

Analysts on both the American "Right" and "Left" often appear there as guests.  As one of many alternatives to Mainstream American Media, I've found it to be a very good source of analysis.  All news sites are "slanted" to one degree or another, & this one is no more so than Fox, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, Democracy Now, PBS News Hour, The Washington Post, New York Times, etc., etc.

Democrats and Republicans have failed...utterly.  The result is King Donald the First.  He won the election because people were justifiably angry, desperate, & wanting change.  [As a friend pointed out, there also was manipulation of the voter rolls by the Repubs with a program called "Crosscheck"; however, that does not explain why a lot of people voted for Trump.]  Unfortunately, Trump is a Corporatist and a Con Man.  He will violate the Constitution even more than Bill Clinton, Dubya Bush, & Obama.  The Police State here will grow, more money will be sucked away from the Lower & Middle Classes, and once again, the Deep State/Shadow Gov't will prevail.  The Super-Rich will get richer, and the economy will crash...more than it has already.  The 7-10-year Boom-Bust Cycle, which benefits the Upper Crust & has been ongoing for about 45 years, will continue.  

The good news is that it's likely we'll survive...and finally wake up & see through the Edward Bernays style Propaganda coming from the so-called "Right", the so-called "Left", and other Corporatists such as Trump.

This clip is a must-see; it's a brilliant critique---

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

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