Wednesday, January 8, 2014

More of the NSA Nightmare

I doubt that you'll hear about this on the prostitute Corporate Media broadcasts.  The whistleblower Jacob Appelbaum, speaking at the Chaos Communications Congress in Germany, revealed that the NSA has some sort of radar wave generator gizmo that allows the agency to view any targeted computer keyboard (and monitor).  In other words, they can see what the person is typing.  So...this should be a good thing relative to the so-called "War on Terror".  The problem is:  what does a person have to do to be considered a potential terrorist by the Fed Gov't?  Answer:  not much.

Some of you may be thinking, well, this has nothing to do with me...I would never be considered a potential terrorist.  Perhaps the following will change your mind.

1.  The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012 designates our entire country as a battleground in the "War on Terror".
2.  The NDAA also gives the President the power to, all by himself, declare a national emergency which suspends presumption of innocence, due process, access to an attorney, and trial by jury.  In addition, it gives the President the power to have a potential terrorist executed without a trial...all this in the Land of the Free.
3.  Several writers are considered potential terrorists because they exercised the Natural Right of free speech by writing news stories contrary to the Govt's view of whistleblowing.
4.  Not long ago, the State of Missouri issued a sort of terrorist bulletin to law enforcement which stated that anyone with a Ron Paul bumper sticker should be viewed as a "potential terrorist".  [That was not an action by the Feds, but it shows what's possible.]
5.  Also so designated in that bulletin were "constitutionalists" and "militia members", and anyone associated with them.
6.  According to whistleblowers, the NSA considers anyone who visits certain websites to be a potential terrorist.  In other words, if you read material not approved, you're a potential terrorist.  Worse, anyone associated with you, and anyone associated with them, is considered a potential terrorist.

The Fourth Amendment is deemed by the Fed Gov't to be not relevant to potential terrorists.  The same is true of the Fifth (due process) and Sixth (speedy and public trial) Amendments.  Guilt by association appears to be more important to the Feds.

I love this country, but the Fed Gov't is not this country.  The well respected historian and Bill Clinton's mentor at Georgetown U., Professor Carroll Quigley, wrote this in 1966, "The tragedy is that we no longer have a representative government in this country [or in any country]; the hope is that the little people will accept that, because there is nothing they can do about it."  ~ Quigley, Carroll,  Tragedy and Hope, 1966.  Quigley considered himself to be one of the Oligarchs, thus he referred to Americans in general as the "little people".

All the Oligarchs, including those at the highest levels of our unrepresentative Fed Gov't, consider all of us to be the little people.  We're viewed by the Big Boys & Girls in much the way ranchers view livestock.

Just my opinion.

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