Thursday, January 9, 2014

More on Class War

Below is my response to a forwarded email sent by a good friend of mine, a "Conservative".  [I put that in quotes because I'm old enough to know that there are no Conservatives anymore, only NeoConservatives...a completely different ball of wax.]  The jist of the email to which I responded is this:  people who are getting "free stuff" in this country outnumber those who are paying for it, and not only that, but those getting the stuff want even more; the implication was that those folks are lazy.  Finally, the email suggested that's what's ruining this country.

My response---

1. The piece below [meaning, the email sent to me] assumes that the main concern of some people is "free stuff". I suggest: that's a false premise. If I'm right, the whole piece below is false...or at least, the conclusion is false/wrong.

2. The piece below implies that those receiving "free stuff" are doing so because they're lazy, crooked, or in some other way no good. I suggest: perhaps many/most of them are truly desperate because Oligarchs have moved manufacturing/jobs to Asia or Mexico, and have (with their mega corps.) displaced/run out of business thousands of small businesses across America, thus eliminating even more jobs. On top of that, the Fat Cats often pay wages that are about equivalent to an SS check. I further suggest that age, sex, & race discrimination definitely exists in the job market. There's no question about that. It may be against the law, but it's almost impossible to prove.

3. The piece below implies that the overwhelming majority of those receiving assistance prefer that to having a decent job, the pride of accomplishment, and a way to improve their lives. I suggest: that implication is nonsense. I imagine that there are a few who would rather be on the dole, but to think that most folks would is ridiculous.

4. I suggest: the piece below is nothing but a purposeful distraction from what's really important, as follows.
A. One percent of Americans own 50% of the wealth of this country. Job creation is not high on their priority list. Cutting costs and maximizing profits are their main concern. If that means paying obscenely low wages or shipping jobs out of the country, they figure, so be it.
B. Those one percenters work in league with corrupt politicians in order to rig the game in their favor. The financial sector is a prime example of that, but the corruption extends to all sectors of Mega Business.
C. One tenth of the one percent (the Big Boys) are outright criminals, and their Cronies in DC have deemed them "too big to jail". If you don't believe that, you're not paying attention.
D. The Oligarchs distract We the People with hot button issues (abortion, religion, gay rights, gun rights, "terrorism", etc.) that have nothing to do with the most important issue--- the fact that our country is being turned into a Feudal Society with only two classes, the relatively poor wage slaves and the extremely rich Oligarchs. Oligarchs don't own slaves anymore, instead, they rent them...and the rent is low.

5. I suggest: the piece below is an excellent example of Propaganda Kool Aid; spit it out.

6. It's downright hilarious to me that the Oligarchs promote the idea that they're being attacked by Class Warriors. I suggest: they look in the mirror to see who's doing the attacking...and who is waging Class War.

7. I suggest: forget the anachronism of Right v. Left. That's a farce. The right-wing and left-wing Oligarchs are on the same team. They don't care about such distinctions. Do you really believe that the multi-millionaire entertainers Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly care about the "little people", or that George Soros does, or that the Koch brothers do? Please.

Just my opinion.

Be Well

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