Friday, January 10, 2014

When Will the Feds Ever Learn!?

It was reported on the 1-9-14 CBS online news broadcast that the upsurge in violence and deaths in Iraq is NOT due primarily to Al Qaeda activity after all, but rather due to the ongoing, never ceasing clash between the Iraqi Sunnis and Shiites.  [Congratulations, CBS, you finally discovered that; independent investigative journalists have known it for a very long time.]

Meanwhile, our Fed Gov't is supplying massive arms to the Shiite Gov't of Iraq... you know, the one backed by Iran.  So once again, those at the highest levels in our Fed Gov't have (unconstitutionally) stuck their big noses into what is essentially a civil war.  I know the mega corporate Oligarchs love to sell arms and munitions, but come on, this is beyond ridiculous.

As I look back over the past decade or so, my conclusion is that an astute 12th grader could run our foreign policy better than the Bush and Obama administrations have done.  That conclusion is both tragic and comic at the same time.

I suggest to those of you still stuck in the anachronistic, basically farcical, political paradigm of Republicans v. Democrats that you seriously re-think the matter.  What's going on in the political arena should be blatantly obvious.  Never mind Iraq for the moment, let's consider probably the worst economic & financial advisors in our country's history, those of the last Bush term...then Obama, in his first term, keeps them.  So we wind up with Hank Paulson, former head of Goldman Sachs, as Secretary of the Treasury--- oh my, no conflict of interest there [:)].  He and the FED give billions to mega banks AND make trillions in loans available to them at almost zero percent interest.  At the same time or shortly thereafter, some of those elitist banks buy out other banks, thus becoming even bigger while eliminating some of their competition.  On top of all that, we later go through legislative "financial reform"... which turns out to be mere window dressing.  Finally, we're now enduring "too big to jail". 
Good grief... wake up, America. 

Just my opinion.

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