Sunday, February 21, 2016

Here's One Way Elections Are RIGGED in the USA

In the NH Democrat Primary, Sanders essentially slaughtered Clinton.  He should have received the bulk of the nominating delegates; instead, the delegates were evenly split between the two candidates.  That's because the "superdelegates" [unelected (in the Primary) Party Elites] don't want Sanders as the nominee; they voted for Clinton...most NH voters be damned.  What a farce.

That scenario clearly demonstrates that elections here are rigged in a subtle way... and that's only one of the ways.  The Democrat Party Elites don't want Sanders to run in November.  They will do everything possible to make certain he doesn't.  It won't matter one iota how many votes he receives in the Primaries.

Republicans do the same thing, but to a lesser degree...they have fewer so-called "superdelegates".

Don't perpetuate a Rigged Game...boycott national elections.  When you vote for the lesser of two evils, you still get evil.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well  

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