Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Bright Side

Politics in the USA has been in an overall (some "ups", but mostly "downs") decline ever since at least 1956.  Thanks to Mr. Benson's American Gov't class in Highland Park, Illinois, that's when I began keenly observing it.  As far as I can tell, the same decline is to be found in most developed countries.  Oligarchies rule.  With the help of Crony Capitalist BIG Business, politicians are accelerating our slide into a blistering pace.

The bright side of all this is that everyday people everywhere are rapidly becoming fed up with the situation.  The Rigged Game has become so obvious that not even constant Edward Bernays style Propaganda can conceal it anymore.  Change is coming.  It won't come from within the current System...Oligarchs will never allow that.  It won't (and shouldn't) come from violence.  That's because most people realize that any such activity in this day and age would be crushed almost instantly...and would result in a Police State even harsher than what we have now.  It won't come from elections---at least, not presently---because those are rigged in a somewhat subtle way.

The Change, which is underway now, will come ultimately in a very "American" way--- from massive expression of public opinion, peaceful protests, boycotts & shunning by both organized groups and independent individuals, and steady application of all that over time.  There will be setbacks, but eventually the current Rigged System will collapse due to outside, peaceful pressure.  There is no other way that makes any sense.

How will this be accomplished...specifically?  All I can do (other than my own boycotts and writings) is  make suggestions***...which I've been doing for about nine years on this Blog and for about a year or so on my YouTube Channel.  If you don't care for those, then come up with others.  History is on our side.
***Here's only one--- Don't vote in national elections...all that does presently is perpetuate the Rigged Game.

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

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