Friday, February 26, 2016

Trump, Clinton, Obama, Limbaugh, the Establishment, & Crony Capitalism

Below is my response to a forwarded email from a dear friend.  The original piece apparently was written by David Limbaugh, a brother of Rush Limbaugh.  In it, he comments on Trump's popularity and how the Establishment is responsible for that.  He also has quite a bit to say about Obama, claiming (for instance) that the President & his Administration are "honoring socialism"...and how they "reward unemployment and laziness"... and they are soft on immigration.  It's a well-written piece, but full of false premises and incorrect assumptions.

Apparently David has as little knowledge of politics as does his brother, Rush.
1.  Obama is a Corporatist, as is Trump.  Neither one of them cares one whit about you & me.
2.  Obama has deported 2 million illegals.  He keeps the current Central American ones 
(mostly mothers & children) in privately run prisons with inadequate food & health care.  Those 
private corporations have lucrative gov't contracts.
3.  He is very unpopular among many/most illegal immigrants.
4.  Wall Street loved Obama in 2008...and they still do.
5.  Trump is a charlatan---he IS the Establishment...that is, the private (not Gov't) 
Establishment.  He's a Crony Capitalist Oligarch.  If elected, he would work hardest for the 
Rich & Powerful (R&P).
6.  He's a strong believer in Globalization (like Obama & Clinton)...and that primarily 
benefits the R&P.
7.  Obama's Admin. does not "honor socialism" honors Crony Capitalism.
8.  The most important point---  The author writes/talks as if all America is embracing Trump.  
The only thing I've seen is that he's embraced by a slight majority of Repubs.  ALL Repubs 
make up only 25% of the electorate.  Trump is despised by probably 99.9% of Democrats, 
including those who are fed up with Obama.  ALL Dems make up 31% of the electorate.  So 
you see, Trump is not nearly as popular as the Corporate Media would have us believe.

This reminds me a bit of the '64 election.  Goldwater was the rebel against the Eastern 
Establishment; Nelson Rockefeller was the "Liberal" Repub running against him in the 
Primaries.  Goldwater won at the Convention.  Those of us in favor of him knew for sure he 
would slaughter the Dems in Nov.  He was wildly popular with people... or so we thought.  It 
was a landslide for LBJ.  I was stunned.  IF Trump gets the nomination, the same thing will 
happen this November.  Clinton will cream him in the election.  What's ironic is that she's a 
Corporatist much like him.  We commoners are screwed no matter which one of them wins.

p.s.  For why Sanders won't be the Dem nominee, see this---

Not only my opinion.  Be Well

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